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CORPORATE /  Honorary Chairman's Message

​​“We have dreams to make real”

We have become not only the leader lock manufacturer in Turkey but also a preferred brand in the Europe, in the Middle East and in the Africa with our employees, business partners and customers as a result of the venture we commenced more than half-century ago. In the lock sector, we have achieved being one of the most important lock manufacturers of the world in the markets dominated by the world’s biggest global manufacturers.
We ,as Kale Kilit, proceed in our way with the awareness of the requirement to always proceed forward and “to be the Kale of change”. We continuously add the new ones to our ventures and investments. Within the scope of this principle and objective, we are proud of providing the biggest integrated lock production facility of the Europe to our country whose construction was completed in Çerkezköy. Our Çerkezköy Factory where we will manufacture all the products of all the group companies within the body of Kale Endüstri Holding under a sole roof will contribute to our power as a global actor.
Our customer-oriented production and service perspective and our excellent security and quality principles and our honest business activities appropriate for business ethics not only enable us to be justifiably proud of them but also enable us to feel happiness for the added value we contribute to the industry of Turkey at the end of 63 years.
Our achievement depends on working hard with honesty, belief and team sprit. All the achievements we have obtained until today are a starting point in the achievement story of Kale Kilit and Kale Endüstri Holding. We also have a further way to proceed and we have dreams to make real after it.
We will continue to manufacture the elements contributing security to life with the highest quality without making any concessions about our values and business attitude to reach our objectives. I firmly believe that Kale Endüstri Holding will achieve new successes with its expanding structure day by day…
With my deepest regards...
Sadık Özgür
Founder of Kale Kilit and
Honorary Chairman of Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş.​