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CORPORATE / About The Company

With its experience having been obtained for a period of more than a half-century, corporate management, production perspective not compromising on the quality and dynamic and sound structure, Kale Kilit continues to expand by accelerating its investments day by day and to make considerable contributions to the national economy with its regional, national and international investment power and to play an important role in the industrial production.
Kale Kilit is not only a leading brand in Turkey but also a leading brand in the world market. Kale Kilit has become the most trustworthy brand of the world because it has a professional R&D team, it has approximately 1600 staff, it has product options above 350 under 8 product groups and meeting all kinds of requirements, it reaches especially each point across Turkey with its widespread sales network, it has become the export champion in its field for the past 10 years, it maintains its innovative product approach by opening the first R&D center of the sector, it achieves 65% of Turkish lock export, it annually exports to 70 countries on regular basis, it has the feature of being the lock brand which is mostly known and preferred in Turkey for years and it has become in the rank of ISO “First 500 Industrial Companies in Turkey” for the years.
Kale Kilit has established not only the greatest integrated lock production facility of the region but also the greatest lock production facility of the Europe by taking another huge step to strengthen its competition ability in the world market and to maintain its product range having the world standards. Çerkezköy Factory where all the products of all the group companies within the body of Kale Endüstri Holding will be gathered and produced under a sole roof has become the greatest lock production facility not only in Turkey but also in the Europe.
Kale Kilit strengthens its rapid and consistent growth trend with the investments and its factory in Çerkezköy Kapaklı Organized Industrial Zone where the newest and most modern technologies have been used has approximately 100.000 square meters closed area. 170 thousand pieces of locks and 75 thousand pieces of cylinders will be daily manufactured via the latest technologies used in the modern factory infrastructure and production tracks. Thus Kale Kilit will increase its manufacturing capacity two-fold.
Kale Kilit hasn’t remained as the leader lock manufacturer of Turkey and it is also a brand which has achieved to compete in the markets dominated by the world’s biggest global manufacturers in the lock sector. This achievement created by Kale Kilit in a period of half-century reveals exactly when the figures are examined: When the word of lock is expressed, the brand coming to the minds of 98 individuals of each 100 individuals is Kale Kilit.
Kale Kilit maintains its achievement of having been in the rank of ISO “First 500 Industrial Companies in Turkey” for years.