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CORPORATE / Production and Quality 
Kale Kilit which hasn’t remained as the leader lock manufacturer in Turkey and has achieved to compete in the markets dominated by the world’s biggest global manufacturers in the lock sector continues to make considerable contributions to the national economy with its national, international and regional investment power and to play an important role in the industrial production.
Kale Kilit has established not only the greatest lock production facility of the region but also the greatest lock production facility of the Europe by taking one more huge step to strengthen its competition ability in the world market and to maintain its product range having the world standards. Çerkezköy Factory where all the products of all the group companies in the body of Kale Endüstri Holding will be gathered and produced under a sole roof has become the greatest integrated lock production facility of the Europe.
Kale Kilit has strengthen its rapid and consistent growth trend with the investments and its new factory where the newest and most modern technologies have been used and which has approximately 100.000 square meters closed area in Çerkezköy Kapaklı Organized Industrial Zone. 170 thousand pieces of locks and 75 thousand pieces of cylinders will be daily produced with the latest technologies having been used in infrastructure of the modern factory and production tracks. Thus the capacity will increase two-fold via the new production facility.
Kale Kilit adopting the principle of meeting all the customer requirements via its computer controlled and automation based production line without compromising the security and quality comes into prominence not only in Turkey but also in the international arena with its production capacity and quality.
In addition to making considerable contributions to the national economy with its national and regional investment power and expanding by accelerating its investments day by day Kale Kilit plays an essential role in the industrial production. Kale Kilit whose integrated facility is composed of stands for metal sheet slitting and cut-to-length, press shop, electrostatic powder paint, brass, nickel, chromium, zinc and copper coating, machining, zamak injection, automat and special purpose brass processing stands and assembly lines is capable of performing all types of required cutting, injection mold production and revision activities in its premises.
Kale Kilit monitors and controls each step of the production via the special systems by considering the contemporary requirements and it also implements many systems in the light of the lean production philosophy by adapting them specifically. “Success of Kale Production System” it has established to achieve this objective is attributed to its innovations and its talented, improvement-focused and young engineer potential.
Kale Kilit always renews itself with its research and development activities and technological investments. It increases the quality level of the raw materials and auxiliary materials by following the new improvements and it always improves its material and supply chain management to enable that the customers are supplied with the products having the highest quality.
Furthermore it guarantees its products’ suitability and durability by TS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate, TS EN 12209 certificate, TS EN 1303 certificate, Sepro Certificate, Russia’s GOST certificate, TS EN 14846 certificate, UTO Certificate, Holland’s SKG certificate, G declaration of conformity, CE labeling and domestic goods certificate. The five-year guaranty period granted its products is another indication of the trust for the quality.
Kale Kilit which raises its objective day by day with the its innovative perspective will eternally maintain its obtained achievement and leadership in the mechanical, electromechanical and electronic lock segment in the world’s security solutions sector.
Quality Policy
Common objective of the managers and employees of Kale Endüstri Holding adopting the principle of “Quality isn’t a result but quality is a continuous seeking” is
• to examine the continuous improvement in each level of the Quality Management System and provide it by accepting the continuous improvement in the lock, cylinder, electronic lock, steel door, money safe, fire door, window systems and alarm monitoring service sectors as the most important condition for the quality;
• to achieve continuity and to increase the customer satisfaction by meeting the customer requirements and expectations by achieving the internal and external customer satisfaction with the participation of the employees whose awareness is raised with the effective management, communication and training;

• to make contributions to the society well-being with its working system suitable for the respective regional, national and international legislations and statutory regulations in its sector;
• to follow the improving world technologies with the trained and competent staff;
• to use the input product of suitable quality by having good communications with the suppliers which are a part of the Quality Management System;

• to achieve continuity of the Quality Management System by providing the required resources and good working environment for the employees;
Basic principle of the Kale quality policy is to leave a clean world to the next generations and to achieve a sustainable development by utilizing the natural resources effectively and efficiently.​