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CORPORATE  / Board of Director's Message
“Our Objectives are great and Our Values are Our Greatest Treasure”
Kale Kilit has witnessed the industrialization period of our country and it has currently become one of the leading companies of Turkish Industry by participating in this period.
Kale Kilit which has started its way with the quality, trust and guaranty principles is a world brand with its production perspective and importance it grants to branding and its approach prioritizing the customer demands and innovative products.
We have kept our success for 63 years with the right steps having been taken in this way and our forward looking investment tradition and importance that we grant to the manufacture & technology and power that is provided to us by our business partners, our employees and our customers.
We are proud of being expressed with the quality and trust concepts as a global brand having a wide distribution channel in Turkey and in the world. In addition to this our pride provides us power to enable that we direct ourselves to the new and greater objectives.
We have enabled that the Kale users have felt themselves secure and exclusive by always breaking new grounds in the lock sector of Turkey and with innovations that we have achieved in the security area. We will continue to direct the sector with our innovative approach as the leader lock manufacturer after then. Innovativeness is the basic key of “The Sustainable Success”. By having such awareness as Kale Kilit, we evaluate each new day with a new point of view and maintain the innovation culture in the company by improving the innovation culture.
We, as Kale Kilit, aim at being among the ten biggest lock companies in the world in a period of ten years. We plan our investments to implement this objective and we take our steps at home and abroad within the framework of this objective.
Our objectives are great and our values are our greatest treasure!
Sedat Özgür
Chairman of The Executive Board
Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş.